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Chris & Colleen Canguragan, Hayward
Steve tirelessly slugged through up to 16 houses in a day in our search for our first home. He is friendly, personal, and professional. He worked within our monetary limits, worked with us to find out what type of house we were looking for, and gave us realistic expectations. He is well informed and up to date on the home purchasing process. He was on top of things, especially during escrow, working late into the night to make sure the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed. He successfully completed our very long and drawn out short sale process. We worked with one of the brokers that he recommended. They worked together like a well-oiled machine to get the deal done. He provided us a timeline and patiently and clearly explained the steps involved. We always knew what to expect next. He kept us informed of how things were progressing during the entire process. When we had questions, he responded quickly and thoroughly with an email or a phone call, sometimes answering the same question more than once. And on the rare occasion that he didn’t know the answer he did the research to find it. In conclusion, we will be coming back to Steve for all our future Realtor needs.